Water based emission control aqua silencer

Second most important constituent of natural gas, occurs dissolved in petroleum oils. The continuously taken exhaust sample is passed through a tube of about 46cm length which has a light source at one end and photocell or solar cell at the other end.

This shortening of delay period curbs thermal cracking, which is responsible for soot formation. The new exhaust mufflers obviously effective in controlling the low- frequency exhaust Noise. Maintain the engine in best possible condition.

However, few barriers and challenges that have been identified in this article must be addressed carefully before aqua silencer employed by the automobile industry. Biorefinary, Bioremediation and Fractionation are innovative technologies through which it is possible to find and produce energy.

The only difference found is that the odor intensity from the exhaust of four stroke normally aspirated engine does not vary much with the mode of operation. This scientific journal aspires to publish the most complete and reliable source of information on the discoveries and current developments in the mode of original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc.

Jet Fuel Jet Fuel is a type of aviation fuel designed for use in aircraft powered by gas-turbine engines and is a mixture of large no. If this soot, once formed finds sufficient oxygen it will burn completely. Middle side-in, end-out design Low Pressure Drop Silencers Low pressure drop silencers are available in two configurations: When these gases dissolved in water they form acids, carbonates, bicarbonates etc.

Typical applications include logging and construction equipment, agricultural machinery, over-theroad trucks, airport equipment, forestry, and military vehicles. If, it is not burned in combustion cycle it will pass in exhaust, and if insufficient quantity, will become visible.

Smoke meter designed by using a three-way cock is used to pass clean air or exhaust smoke through the smoke meter column. The most used method is to use a human panel to decide the odor intensity. There is a very small effect on engine smoke. Many turbocharged engines and some naturally aspirated engines fall into this category.

The emission can be controlled by using the activated charcoal layer and it is highly porous and poses extra free valences so it has high absorption capacity. The soot particles, which are chain—line clumps of carbon, agglomerate into bigger particles, which have an objectionable darkening effect or diesel exhaust.

Environment harmful gases are absorbed efficiently within the silencer and keep automobile environment friendly. This partial oxidation may be because of either very lean mixture such as during idling or due to quenching effect.

The intensity of the stain is measured by the amount of light, which passes through the filter and is an indication of the smoke of light, which passes through the filter and is an indication of the smoke density of exhaust. Spark Arresting Silencers, Type 1 Standard Spark Arresting Exhaust Silencers provide high efficiency spark arresting and exceptional sound attenuation where fire hazards must be eliminated and noise must be minimized.

GUPTA automobile engineeringcha.

Design and Fabrication of Aqua Silencer. (Report)

The maintenance affects the injection characteristics and the quantity of lubricating oil, which passes across the piston rings, and thus has a profound effect on smoke generation tendency of the engine. Side-in end-out configuration is designed for side inlet flow only.

It is major raw material for ethylene petrochemical industry. Processed natural gas is used as fuel eg. Natural Gas Natural Gas is a fossil fuel formed when layers of buried plants and gases are exposed to intense heat and pressure over thousands of years.

Standard engine exhaust silencers are available in the following grades: Parts of Aqua silencer. Opacity of carbon particles is reduced up to Types include kerosene type jet fuel, naphtha type jet fuel.

The smoke level will rise from no load to full load. Pesticides and herbicides contaminates, leakages in sewage systems, direct discharge of industrial wastes, contaminates the soil.

Biochemical conversation converts biomass to sugar. Sound produced under water is less hearable than it produced in atmosphere.This Oil and Gas Research journal offers an Open Access platform to the authors to publish their research outcome.

Journal of Oil and Gas Research is an Open Access journal, peer-reviewed, academic journal. FABRICATION OF VEHICLE EMISSION CONTROL USING AQUA EXHUAST SYSTEM. Sharon B George.

1 Emission testing using Aqua Silencer system.


9. CONCLUSION Emission Control Using Water Emulsified Diesel in Single Cylinder Diesel Engine”,ARPN Journal of Engineering and. An aqua silencer is used to control the noise and emission in ic engines.

The reason why we go for aqua silencer is, in today life the air pollution causes physical ill effects to the human beings and also the environment. “An Aqua silencer as an emission controller” by using activated charcoal in water we can control the exhaust emission to a greater level.


The water contamination is found to be negligible in aqua silencer. It is smokeless and pollution free emission and also it. To Pragmatic way work with an organization which offers a challenging opportunity to enhancing my knowledge, skills and experience that would allow me to contribute towards achieving the organizational goals to the best of my potential.

fabrication of aqua silencer for emission control in diesel engine January – April Designed and fabricated an AQUA SILENCER which controls the noise and smoke than the ordinary dfaduke.com: Operations engineer.

Water based emission control aqua silencer
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