Science and technology in india by 2050

However, in India had the lowest number of scientific and engineering personnel 3. Maharshi Kanaada of 3rd century, B.

Agricultural Technology - Feeding 9 Billion People by 2050

Most of us think that it is cannon. The arrival of the British in India in the early seventeenth century--the Portuguese, Dutch, and French also had a presence, although it was much less pervasive--led eventually to new scientific developments that added to the indigenous achievements of the previous millennia see The Coming of the Europeans, ch.

While beverage giants are focused on returning water to the communities where they manufacture their drinks, food processing players are engaging with farmers and upstream actors to minimise water usage across the supply chain, and textile houses are evangelising the concept of sustainable fashion.

The concepts of astronomy, metaphysics, and perennial movement are all embodied in the Rig Veda see The Vedas and Polytheism, ch. It also suggested resistance could be fought with better and quicker testing to determine if an infection is viral -- meaning antibiotics are useless -- or bacterial.

Here is a test for those who think that a computer can do any calculation. He was impressed by the skill of the Indians in ship-building and found that they even outshone Europeans. Coastal regions will be more dependent on sea water by using desalination technologies.

The Buddhist Jataka stories wrote about large Indian ships carrying seven hundred people. It was unable to produce anything by itself, whether steel or heavy power equipment, and there was hardly any banking system outside the big cities.

The integration of science and technology planning with national socioeconomic planning is carried out by the Planning Commission see Development Planning, this ch. Eliot and Heinrich Brunnhofer a German Indologist and Gustav Oppert, all of whom have stated that ancient Hindus knew the use of gunpowder.

Using imported technology, scientists made major advances in microprocessors during the s that brought the country to only one generation three to four years behind international leaders.

Several millennia of interest in astronomy in India eventually resulted in the invention and construction of a network of sophisticated, large-scale astronomical observatories--the Jantar Mantars meaning "house of instruments" --in the early eighteenth century.

At present, India is one of the most fascinating destinations for technology transactions in the world and it is ranked among the top five.

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Although there was growth in research and development expenditures during the s and early s, the rate of growth was less than the GNP rate of growth during the same period and was a cause of concern for government planners. Marco Polo was given gold coins and precious stones. India ranks eleventh in the world in its number of active scientific and technical personnel.

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Furthermore, India is ranked among the top ten nations in terms of the number of scientific publications. The four other major components are the university system, private research organizations, public-sector research and development establishments, and research and development centers within private industries.

Application of science and technology through its numerous national research laboratories and the spread of higher technical education led by the IITs, and setting up steel and power generation equipment companies, have made the country self-sufficient in milk, food grains, and key industrial goods.

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India: Development of Science & Technology

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Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, the director of the Information & Innovation Policy Research Center at the National University of Singapore, hopes that advances in technology will make us more empowered, motivated and active, rather than mindless consumers of information and entertainment.

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Role of Science & Technology In India

May 29,  · Science and Technology In India May | Achievement of India | PMO India Must Watch and share Friends If Love Our Country for Development Of India May In the landmark report, OECD said million people could die from superbugs by and said the cost of treating such infections would balloon to an average of $ billion a year in each.

Science and technology in india by 2050
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