One direction preferences you write a song about him being scared

The boy named Harry began to cry again, but luckily the doctor came in. You had no idea what to do. Sunny for once, the two of us dressed in shorts and short-sleeved shirts, her in one of my plaid button ups and me in another. It's just that the noises scare me," you told him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he spun you around.

And from the moment I met her eyes, I knew she was about to pass out. You pulled away and looked at your mom. You woke up sore and very thirsty.

You smiled at this thought and imagined what it would be like to kiss Niall. As long as you don't think I'm gross anymore," he remarked, teasing you about the little chant you led your friends in saying that boys were gross. I got up again to grab my phone and a wet towel to place on her forehead, hoping that would work.

It just finished snowing and the roads were very icy. Somehow, you managed to run into nothing, possibly because of your knowledge of what was in these hallways. He was hilarious and always made you laugh. You smashed through the window and got hurt badly. Since when are you into girls like that, and fancy clothes, and expensive cars?

What was that sound? Your big brother laughed at your silliness. He quickly walked over and held you tightly from behind. You shook your head no. Niall was watching a movie.

1D Preference: You Have His Kid After A Breakup And He Doesn’t Know (Niall)

It was like this. His hand carefully reaches up and touches the spot where he had hit you. Being only 7, your imagination was overly active and you were positive something was going to get you. You remembered the accident. Louis then walked over to you and wrapped you in a hug.

You looked over to your other side and saw a boy sitting in a chair looking up at the ceiling. She looked at me.

One Direction Preferences

As you were sitting at the bar quietly, you noticed some guy smiling at you. He spun you around and kissed you.harry (15); you were adopted and you knew it, but harry never made you feel that you weren’t welcome in the family even gemma and anne treated you like you was his real daughter, so one day you came back from school and your day was terrible like always, people telling you that harry felt pathetic for you and adopted you, or that you were his.

Preference # He Needs You (Requested) (If you want me to write more of these this week, head on over to this link and help me out by answering those few questions.

Thank you!) Louis: “Come with me,” Louis said outside of the tour bus. “Haha, funny have fun with the boys,” you shooed him into the bus but he didn’t go. He was Fine, but You were Injured This is a really long one. It took me forever to write because I didn’t know how to write it at first.

You Both get into a Car Accident. He was Fine, but You were Injured. This is a really long one. It took me forever to write because I didn’t know how to write it at first. one direction preferences. As he scolds he takes steps closer to you, and you let go of his forearms genuinely scared as you find him towering over you looking furious.

You take a step backwards, desperate to just get away from him, but in your panic you don't register your position in the room and trip against the leg of the coffee table causing you to fall to the floor. Sep 24,  · You and Louis are supposed to be writing a song,” you reminded him.

“Well that is not going to happen if you do not get your pretty butt down here,” he demanded. “What’s that supposed to mean,” you asked shocked by his sudden demanding behavior. You screamed at him, and in that same moment, you felt a force push you back, causing you to fall to the ground.

There was a long silence where you just refused to Reviews:

One direction preferences you write a song about him being scared
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