Lego integrated marketing communications program

However, this approach was not very effective especially given the fact that by the time the company launched this initiative, the target customers had moved and adopted online gaming and movies Gurau,p. This form of direct marketing dates back over years. The company also has a range of children wear, bed linen and cosmetics, which helps, enhance the brand image of the company.

The products of the company are known to be very expensive when compared to those of its rivals even in the same market. Its products are also well-distributed across the globe. The individuals who had used the LEGO products reported that the products were worth spending on. LEGO Group is also known for certain weaknesses in its operations.

LEGO communicates its values and vision through their products and instigates them in their advertising which is planned message, what the firm does: For instance, negative publicity and a loss of control of brand values can reach a global audience in just a short a time frame as the intended positive consequences of the model.

Moreover, the supply chain was very chaotic which resulted in poor customer service, giving LEGO losses in four out of seven years between and By its nature, IMC requires high levels of planning to coordinate messages across media channels, making it very rigid and inflexible.

It rapidly grew to million registered users in founded in To create a positive experience for consumers LEGO believes in co- creating products with users to understand their needs, motivations and behaviour.

The products of the company are known to be very expensive when compared to those of its rivals even in the same market. The use of actual and metaphorical building bricks in a bid to promote an engaging approach that led to the LEGO logo trademarks. In the world of social media and Web 2.

LEGO – Market Research as the building block to success

In the case of the Lego IMC program, it would appear that such problems were overcome by the creation of a physical road show type event, which moved between Lego retail stores creating interactions and consumer engagements across product categories. Advertising in the form of print is used by businesses in the form of billboards, magazines, newspapers and posters, to get their message across to the target audience.

LEGO believes in keeping the tone of voice age appropriate and thus conversation platform for children and adult differs.

MS in Communication: Integrated Marketing Communication

The AAAA defined IMC as, "a concept of marketing communications planning that recognizes the added value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communication disciplines e. To their surprise, the research team discovered the importance customers placed in the value of the brand bringing creative play that is conducive to learning.

Companies were reliant on a multiplicity of service providers for assistance with advertising, public-relations, branding, packaging, sales promotion, event organisers and other promotional activities.

Consumers often cut out individual images which further prolongs the message and increases potential exposure. Other aspects relevant at this stage, which may be considered, and adding significant value to the program include the recognition that consumer behaviour in the case of the Lego product purchase decision is not a simple one.

A common example of direct response advertising is in television "home shopping immediately to receive a particular deal or discount. The company adopted key customers in the promotion of its new products and to improve relationship with toy retailers in its target market.

Endorsed- aimed at new products like Bionicle. This is likely to paint a negative image on the company thus lowering its sales targets and market base. Sicilia et al, Radio advertising is also extremely effective at reinforcing messages encountered in other channels such as television.

Studies reveal many consumers look at review forums and ask friends or peers whom they trust for ratings on products before making a purchase decision. It presently provides toys; experiences and materials that are used in teaching children located in more than countries.

Through this, the company registered growth in product sales, and spread of positive image of the products to young children and parents. This is another advantage of two-way interaction of the Internet media.

The company is buoyed by the fact that its club has over 2. It presently provides toys; experiences and materials that are used in teaching children located in more than countries. The introduction of online brand conversations saw LEGO Group launch websites to market its products through the internet.

Through these, the company invites families to explore and interact with an exciting world full of educational fun. Douban is a Chinese social networking service website which allows its users to rate movies, TV dramas, music and concerts. This strategy boosted the sales of LEGO Group sales leading to spread of a positive brand message especially among the young children and their parents.

Brand encounters are of four types, which are explicitly planned, implicitly planned, solicited planned and unsolicited planned brand encounters. Online advertising includes elements such as: Lego — building blocks to success Perhaps nowhere is this philosophy more apparent than in the toy industry.Oct 25,  · Use your imagination.

Create your own airplane, ship, city, person, you name it, Lego fulfills the imagination of every child. With Lego’s timeless essence, every generation can enjoy the same enjoyment of creating as generations did before.

Overview. Marketing communications includes advertising, promotions, sales, branding and online promotion. The process allows the public businesses use to know or understand a brand.

Marketing communications

Successful branding involves targeting audiences who appreciate the organization's marketing program. This is the foundational IMC course.

It reviews the functional marketing communications areas such as advertising, PR, sales promotion, business communications and writing, and direct response in terms of their strengths and weaknesses in an integrated program. May 09,  · Lego goes Posted on May 9, the concept of integrated marketing communication has evolved to provide clarity, consistency and a seamless message across multiple and diverse communication channels.

They have effective marketing programs such as Lego Click (a community platform encouraging fans and fanatics to share their. May 06,  · Then he adopted Integrated Marketing. For a fixed monthly budget, Tom's Tours now publishes a weekly blog post with travel ideas and tips.

The posts are then promoted through social media and a.

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Integrated Marketing Communications attempts to unify all pieces of marketing communications - advertising, public relations, direct marketing, social media, sales promotion, etc. - to create messaging that is consistent across all channels.

Lego integrated marketing communications program
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