Guajilote cooperativo forestal

This made it very hard for Guajilote operations because if Guajilote employees were illiterate and had no education then the group knew little Guajilote cooperativo forestal the market or business practices.

Also, the level of technological development in Honduras at the time of company operations was significantly low. The competitive advantage for Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal is the fact that they have mass quantities of the Mahogany trees that have become extinct in most parts of the country.

The centerpiece is a well thought out Business Plan. They use large cross-saws, mules, and human power, taking advantage of local streams whenever possible to help bring out the processed mahogany. In addition, the members lacks of education and administration, market and business experience, which worsen the cooperative situation and future growth.

Santos Munguia, the current leader of Guajilote, has been able Guajilote cooperativo forestal negotiate better pricing for the mahogany and increase revenue for the cooperative.

Because they did not have transportation they had not choice but to accept what Juan Suazo had given them. There have been strong bonds formed amongst the members. They were using all the wood that was literally the means for Guajilote survival.

To develop strategies that take into account the SWOT profile, a matrix of these factors can be constructed. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. According to the resource based view, in order to develop a competitive advantage the business must have resources and capabilities that are superior to those of its competitors.

Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal

Illegal logging is taking place thereby reducing available trees. If Munguia were to go into politics, he would have less time to spend at the organization. This cooperative was founded in as a component of a USAID United States Agency for International Development project, which attempted to develop La Muralla National Park as an administrative and socioeconomic model expected to be transferred to other Honduras' national parks.

Fires were set to prepare soils for planting and helped clear the area for cultivation, but they were not being well supervised, and even burned out of control, which created bad forest fires.

This includes all areas of service such as finding the fallen trees, cutting them up so they can be shipped out, getting them to the customers. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. People were allowed to live and engage in economically sustainable activities within this buffer zone.

It can also be used to generate a number of possible alternative strategies. Guajilote is a growing business but the organization of this company does not have a steady foundation due to the political structure of Honduras.

The most important failure the agreement reached on how the wood would be secured. Without it, the corporation will wither away. This made it very hard for Guajilote operations because if Guajilote employees were illiterate and had no education then the group knew little about the market or business practices.

Even though Santos Munguia is a strong leader and turned things around, the employees should also make decisions about the future of their company; there should be some delegation of authority. Guajilote doesn't invest enough in capital expenditures.

There was also talk that Munguia was paying himself and his second in charge his nephew more then the other members in the cooperative. A firm creates value by performing these activities in order to create an competitive advantage.

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Even though Munguia turned the company around he was often revered, feared, and hated at the same time. Although he has several fine managerial qualities, lack of a formal business education in this day and age is definitely a pitfall to any successful firm.

Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal a cooperative in Honduran provinces started out unprofessionally as a business venture. What is your impression of Guajilote as a business venture?

Strengths The only venture in Honduras:Strategic Management and Business Policy – Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal Essay Sample Guajilote was founded in as a component of a USAID (United States Agency for International Development) project.

As a business enterprise, Guajilote Cooperative is a socially oriented not-for-profit organization of illiterate farmers who serve the market of furniture mak. Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal was a forestry cooperative which operated out of a small village in Honduras.

This cooperative was the end result of a series of programs initiated towards the promotion of developing countries via use of its natural resources. "Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal, Honduras" Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal was a cooperative with operations outside of Chaparral, a small village located in La.

View Test Prep - _Class 04 Case 06 - Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal Honduras from A 1 at Strategic Academic Solutions. CASE 6 Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal, Honduras Nathan Nebbe and J. David50%(2). Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal was a company based in Honduras, whose main operations revolved around handling of fallen mahogany trees in the local rural area, and selling them through the distributor to the wood-processing companies like furniture shops, etc.5/5(3).

Guajilote cooperativo forestal
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