Essay on should parents decide the career for the child

The child should be well educated and made aware of the various courses and available options in the practical world. Furthermore, social belief regarding giving birth of children has changed dramatically and people are more concerned about the living expenses than the number of babies they have, unlike older generations.

Eldercare Influences If you provide in-home care to an elderly or ailing relative, you may be attracted to positions that offer eldercare reimbursement, allow work-from-home options, or that have adult daycare as a benefit of employment. Also, the child would hardly blame the parents for any down-surge in their career.

But today, things have changed. After all, no one has more at stake than the parent of a performer. Christopher Enakpene, Germany Marriages should not be viewed as just between two people alone, but a union between families, societies and can also mend diplomatic ties between two countries.

5 Reasons One Parent Should Stay At Home

Those three aunts are very bitter about it today. I have known kids on whom the subject science has been forced upon since they were in 1st and 2nd grade. It is all about the right skills and the interest coming together.

If the child has some different career plans. Even if they succeed to the external appearance, they might not be completely satisfied with whatever glory that they earn. He will be more expose to experience and will not be afraid to take risk. It is intuitively obvious that in this age of huge competition, unemployment and economic crisis, people around the world are constantly worried about their career and job promotions.

Negative Parental Influence Just as a positive parental role model can influence career choice, so can negative parental influence. Susan, Zimbabwe According to nature, most human beings develop common sense at the age of But now the world is different.

Twenty is too young to get married! Your child has to pretend a faike smile everyday covering that dislike and dissatisfaction for the rest 50 to 60 years of his life.

However, the final decision should be left to the couple. The performance of the student is the assesing parameter. However, I now wish that my mum had more of a part in the selection of at least one of my husbands.

Abiba, UK I feel it's a plus to have somebody to guide you get the best in life. Benny Nwokeji, Nigeria I don't believe in arranged marriages. In my belief advantages of having children later in life outweigh its demerits.

As a result, parents decide and determine to postpone their first childbirth. And marriages with this background do not last. Eminent educationist Lalitha Appachu trains teachers by conducting workshops on how to make classroom learning fun for children.

There are another set of parents who want their child to be a super achiever in everything. At the heart of the play, is the father's exasperation that his daughter is 20 years old and still unmarried and living at home. They suggest six simple words parents can express that produce the most positive results in their performing children.

What do we do in a class? You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. I am a parent and wish heartily that my children would consult and follow my advice while he or she marries. Spousal Influence A spouse can have a significant impact on career choice.

We see engineering people struggling to choose between Gate and Cat or between Ms and Mba. As a result, childbirth is naturally delayed. Please use the form to send us your comments - some of which will be published below. This meant three of my other aunts had to find their own husbands.

The answer to why was Engineering means broken bridge and destroyed house and IIT means only computer science.

Parents Should Be Allowed to Choose Their Kids’ Teacher

As they age, parents must move to the role of consultant.This is a July IELTS Essay Topic. Many parents (mostly women) decide to stay home and take care of family members instead of going out to work.

“The most important thing is for parents to view their child’s teacher as a partner,” says Schwartz, who wrote the book The Teacher Chronicles: Confronting the Demands of Students, Parents, Administrators, and Society. “Teachers want your child to succeed. parents should never decide their child's career path.

a child normally puts more effort in things that he/she has the passion for. thus determining a child's career path wouldn't breed the best. Parents should be involved in their children's marriages in so far as they are the custodians of their children; nevertheless, with the shift in cultural practices and the change in perception of the current generation, parents should give their children room to make their own decisions.

Parents should let their children pick their own career because children would love to do things that they love and parents can't decide their career for them because the career being pick might. IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic: Nowadays, more and more people decide to have children later in their life.

Essay on should parents decide the career for the child
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