An analysis of the most important work of old english literature in the anglo saxon epic beowulf

The version of Beowulf that is extant was composed by a Christian poet, probably early in the 8th cent. Hrothgar rewards Beowulf with a great store of treasures and, after another banquet, the warriors of both the Geats and the Danes retire for the night.

Hrothgar and his advisers can think of nothing to appease the monster's anger. Have you read these? He has no wealth, no honor, and he in infamous as an evil killer.

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He tears off the monster's arm at the shoulder, but Grendel escapes, only to die soon afterward at the bottom of the snake-infested swamp where he and his mother live. Grendel was spawned in that slime, conceived by a pair of those monsters born Of Cain, murderous creatures banished By God, punished forever for the crime Of Abel s death.

He is an old man now, however, and his strength is not as great as it was when he fought against Grendel. There is a translation of Apuleius's Herbarium with striking illustrations, found together with Medicina de Quadrupedibus.

During the banquet that follows Beowulf 's arrival, Unferth, a Danish soldier, voices his doubts about Beowulf 's past accomplishments, and Beowulfin turn, accuses Unferth of killing his brothers.

Beowulf – Analysis of the Epic Essay

Apart from Wealth, Honor, and Paganistic vs. The character of Beowulf himself is not particularly concerned with Christian virtues like meekness and poverty and, although he clearly wants to help people, in a Christian sort of way, his motivation for doing so is complicated.

So the last battle came down to Good, which was Beowulf 2 Good and evil has existed throughout time. The Almighty drove those demons out, and their exile was bitter, Shut away from men ;they split into a thousand forms of evil—spirits and fiends, goblins, monsters, giants, a brood forever opposing the Lord s Will, and again and again defeated.

Also contained in Nowell is Alexander's Letter to Aristotle. First off, Beowulf is pure and shows this before his battle when he removes his armor, and vows not to use a weapon Beowolf Apart from Wealth, Honor, and Paganistic vs.

The Chronicle is designed in the form of the old Anglo-Saxon poem Cursor Mundi as it takes in itself the account of all the rulers, their invasion and the events following it; it also gives vivid descriptions of the development of the English language from Old, Anglo-Saxon, English to the Middle English.

It serves to give the reader an idea of why Grendel would kill the Danes for no reason other than their happiness.

Old English literature

One example of this is in Canto 6 line in which Hrothgar states, "Our Holy Father had sent [Beowulf] as a sign of His grace, a mark of His favor, to help us defeat Grendel and end that terror.

It is prosaic in nature and is a re-wording of Biblical passages. Beowulfa complete epic, is the oldest surviving Germanic epic as well as the longest and most important poem in Old English. It is influenced by the school of Cynewulf first Anglo-Saxon poet to sign his work.

Strong kings demand bravery and loyalty from their warriors, whom they repay with treasures won in war. The philosophical nature of the work is considered highly helpful for the medieval audience if not completely effectual for human nature.

The monster Grendel is an extreme example of evil and corruption, possessing no human feelings except hatred and bitterness toward mankind.

To the Anglo-Saxons, a character's importance, as well as their wealth and status, where measured not only in monetary terms, but it was also measured in terms of honor, fame, and accomplishments.

Beowulf - Analysis of the Epic

The work notably includes the accounts of Danish invasions, Norman invasions, relations between England and Scandinavia and the effects of Norman Conquest. Grendel for one, is totally wild and is therefore shown as evil. But as his shield was melting, the dragon injected poison into Beowulf s neck, which injected him with poison, thus killing Beowulf.

The sermon has outlined and deeply emphasised the wrongdoings of the Danish invaders, which roughly includes betrayal, violence, destruction, civil war, treachery and widespread immorality of every kind. Although nearly all Old English poetry is preserved in only four manuscripts—indicating that what has survived is not necessarily the best or most representative—much of it is of high literary quality.

As in the earlier classical epic poems of Greece and Rome, the characters are generally presented in realistic fashion, but also from time to time as the poet considers they ought to be.

An example of the Biblical motif in Beowulf is Grendel.

Beowulf – Good vs. Evil

Table of Contents Context Though it is often viewed both as the archetypal Anglo-Saxon literary work and as a cornerstone of modern literature, Beowulf has a peculiar history that complicates both its historical and its canonical position in English literature.

Old English poetry is highly formal, but its form is quite unlike anything in modern English.

Beowulf - Analysis of the Epic

An example of the Biblical motif in Beowulf is Grendel. The line uni sunt? This is shown in this excerpt: This example, not only shows the evil in Grendel's nature, but also the torture in his heart caused by his Banishment from God.An Old English epic poem consisting of alliterative long lines.

It is possibly the oldest surviving long poem in Old English and is commonly cited as one of the most important works of Old English literature.

Old English and Middle English Literature. STUDY. It may be the oldest surviving long poem in Old English and is commonly cited as one of the most important works of Old English literature. Was a major, prestigious literary genre in Anglo-Saxon England.

Most famoud are written in Exeter Book. They range from theological and scholary to. Throughout the epic, the Anglo-Saxon story teller uses many elements to build a certain depth to the characters. Just a few of the important character elements in Beowulf are Wealth & Honor, Biblical & Paganistic, and Man vs.

Wild themes. Beowulf is often referred to as the first important work of literature in English, even though it was written in Old English, an ancient form of the language that slowly evolved into the English now spoken.

Compared to modern English, Old English is heavily Germanic, with little influence from Latin or French. Of course, modern Anglo-American culture is influenced by the culture of the ancient Anglo-Saxon people, and reading Beowulf helps readers to discover those influences.

3) It is a good intro to basic poetic concepts like epic/heroic poetry, enjambment, alliteration, accentual verse, metaphor, imagery. “Beowulf” is a heroic epic poem written by an unknown author in Old English, some time between the 8th and the 10th Century CE.

It is one of the most important works of Anglo-Saxon literature, and has been the subject of much scholarly study, theory, speculation and discourse.

An analysis of the most important work of old english literature in the anglo saxon epic beowulf
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