A personal narrative about going on a 123 mile canoe trip as a scout troop down the john day river i

For this purpose Pratt dispatched the 2d Platoon Lt. Allen is an internationally known consultant who specializes in literacy work with at-risk students. The Philip, on station south of Stirling Island, was assigned a target by the shore fire control party, and fired five salvos. Since this group had suffered no casualties, the men rejoined the battalion.

Ambassador to the Court of St. An additional sense of security was felt because of the presence of Lieutenant Commander R. Reports of these patrols verified the information on hand. Its route, passing through the mountainous interior of the island, encountered numerous fast flowing streams and heavy rain forest.

Loganforce established a perimeter covering EMERALD Beach, and immediately instituted a thorough reconnaissance of the area to determine the eventual location of the radar, the mission of this force.

All excess gear, including demolitions, was cached near the radio, and a detachment of four men guarded it.

The patrol now pushed on hurriedly, and it soon became evident that the jungle was thinning and that detection was therefore probable.

Firing broke out immediately and the Japanese retired. The Pringle maneuvered clear of the fire support area to patrol west of Blanche Harbor, while the Philip proceeded independently to patrol on east-west courses approximately 6, yards south of Stirling Island.

In addition, dive bombers, based on Green Island can operate most effectively against shipping at Kavieng. As it entered Voza contact was made with the remainder of Sergeant Law's squad--which had spent the night in Voza village outpost. There followed several days of hard work, and by 31 October the radar was fully operating with an adequate radius.

In this encounter, which lasted for some five hours, the Japanese lost a minimum of 50 killed while our losses were one killed and nine wounded. Richards succeeded in driving this unit back towards Sangigai.

His father's business had kept him away from the family for long stretches of time, and his ventures were concentrated on Wall Street and Hollywood. Since the LST's could not sight an unloading party on shore, the ships' commanding officers each selected his own beach, and beached ataccording to schedule.

This reconnaissance was repeated after daylight--apparently without success due to a combination of factors. In less than a minute no enemy were left on the scene, and the barge was sinking.

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LST reported at that unloading was at a standstill, although she still had about 20 tons of cargo aboard, 75 and was under orders to unload completely. The shelling was accordingly accomplished as ordered, with rounds of high explosive shell, and large fires were observed to have been started, one of which was obviously a fuel dump.

It was necessary, therefore, to set up the mortars in the sea with only their muzzles protruding from the water's surface. His father also requested the Silver Star, which is awarded for gallantry in action, for his son.

An order of march was therefore made on the spot. A storm was gathering and a heavy sea was rising, as the boats, guided by Lieutenant Duncan, approached the mouth of the Warrior. Duncan went ashore atfollowed at by the first wave of the landing force Company F.

AtLSThaving completely unloaded and retracted, lay to off the stern of LST to protect her sister ship. As many casualties as possible were evacuated on the LST's, while the Brigade settled down for the night. Further, if necessary, the tiny beachhead on Choiseul could be exploited, and patrol torpedo boat bases and fighter fields could be established there.

New Zealanders were alerted for an attack. In addition to this activity, the Japanese launched one low level strafing attack and several bombing raids, in which 30 to 40 bombs were dropped, but no damage or casualties resulted. These concentrations were fired from time to time during the night.

The landing at Beach EMERALD was unopposed and only minor contacts were made with the enemy during the first few days; but, when these occurred, they were with a substantial opposing force.

Landing on the east bank of the Warrior, Bigger ordered his radio set up and communications established with base camp.

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Upon arriving on the west bank, and after establishing local security, Major Bigger gave permission to several men to go in the water to bathe.Troop Scout Handbook. Uploaded by John Alexander Gallin. The atmosphere of a clean well-run Troop and the personal example of the Scouters will be of Troop Scouting-but for real down-to-earth personal adventure Scouting, in Patrols and smaller groups.

Consider Your Options 86A>;DGC>6 W Choose the form of writing (e.g., personal letter, letter to the editor, review, poem, report, narrative) that best suits the intended purpose. W Revise writing to improve the organization and consistency of ideas within and between paragraphs.

The author of this humble narrative has, in his day, hunted every variety of game which abounds at the present time in Old Virginia; and just where the deer and turkeys were most abundant inaccording to John Smith's map, there are the most abundant now.

Full text of "Concerning the forefathers: being a memoir, with personal narrative and letters of two pioneers Col. Robert Patterson and Col. John Johnston, the paternal and maternal grandfathers of John Henry Patterson of Dayton, Ohio for whose children this book is written" See other formats.

Personal Narrative Essay - The Ski Trip - The Ski Trip Standing in awe, cold air permeated through my hair. The smell of fresh and minty pine scent complimented the beautiful vantage of the wilderness.

A Personal Narrative About Going on a Mile Canoe Trip as a Scout Troop Down the John Day River in Eastern Oregon.

A personal narrative about going on a 123 mile canoe trip as a scout troop down the john day river i
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